Presentation Vocabulary for Non-native Speakers

Attendees the people who are present at an event
Audience the people listening to and/ or watching the presentation
Participants the people taking part in something such as a discussion, meeting, seminar, etc.
Presenter the person making the presentation
Speaker the person who is speaking
Boardroom the room where executive meetings take place
Break-out room an extra room where seminar participants go to discuss privately in a group
Conference room the room where conferences takes place
Meeting room the room where meetings takes place
Venue the location where an event takes place
Visual Diagrams
Bar Chart bar chart
Line Graph line chart
Pie Chart pie chart
Table table

To explain to make clear; to give a reason for
To summarize to make a summary of
To conclude to end
To discuss to talk over, to explore solutions
To communicate to transmit, to give information
To clarify to make clear
To emphasize to stress
To state to say
To highlight to emphasize
To outline to explain the structure of
To review to go over or repeat something
To spell out to explain clearly
To get across to convey
To address to speak about
To focus on to concentrate on
To stress to emphasize
To point out to draw attention to
To recap to review
To consider to think over
To expand to grow
To elaborate to speak more about
To digress to go off the subject
To comment to make remarks or observations about
To increase to make greater
To decrease to make less
To fluctuate to go up and down
To repeat to say or do again
To motivate to give encouragement to
To sum up to conclude