Presentation Checklist

A printable form you can use to prepare your presentation

Fill in the following checklist to prepare thoroughly for your next presentation.

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Why were you asked to speak?

  • Audience expectations:
  • Your objective:

Who is your audience?

  • Audience composition:
  • Size of audience:
  • Decision makers?
  • Knowledge of material?
  • Native language?

Where will you speak?

  • In-company?
  • Which floor?
  • Which room?
  • External location?
  • Which city?
  • What address?
  • Contact person?

When will you speak?

  • What time?
  • Alone?
  • Before other speakers?
  • After other speakers?
  • How long?

The presentation

  • Have you collected necessary data?
  • Have you organized the presentation?
  • Have you prepared the visuals?
  • Are your visuals organized?
  • Have you proofread any handouts?
  • Have you made sufficient copies of handouts?
  • Have you organized necessary equipment?
  • Have you packed necessary extension cords?
  • Do you need a microphone?


  • Have you decided what to wear?
  • Have you checked and prepared your clothes?
  • Have you groomed your nails?
  • Have you polished your shoes?
  • Do you need a haircut?
  • Have you checked your appearance?
  • Have you rehearsed your presentation?
  • Have you packed all materials?